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Tips for Downsizing Your Home

Downsizing Your Home TipsMany Seniors have spent a lifetime accumulating treasured possessions, like family memorabilia, furniture, décor and more. When it’s time to move or downsize, however, culling through these well-loved items can be a major chore. Here are our best downsizing home tips for Seniors.

1. Start Early

If you can at all avoid it, never wait until the last minute (or for an unexpected emergency) to downsize. The stress of the time crunch alone will make for some exhausting days ahead.

Instead, start downsizing your home long before you think you’ll need to by starting with rooms or items you rarely use. That way, when it comes time to move, you won’t have to make rash decisions or panic about whether you’re taking the right things.

2. Take it One Step (or Box, or Drawer) at a Time

Never try to downsize all at once. Instead, take an hour or two a day to work through one thing at a time. Don’t bounce from room to room in the house, which can mean you miss things or start to feel overwhelmed. Stay focused and tackle one box, drawer or shelf at a time.

3. O.H.I.O.

“Only Handle It Once” is the rule of every organization professional. Don’t do a “maybe” pile or shuffle items from one part of the room to the other. Take the time to hold items and say “yes,” “no” or “donate.”

While it may seem like a harsh way to approach things you love, it will save lots of time and headaches in the future to OHIO.

4. Pack a “Necessities” Box

If you’re moving into a smaller place, pack one box that you can unpack immediately in your new home. This box should have everything you need to live comfortably for a day or two without unpacking anything else. Think of items like toilet paper, a towel or two, hand soap and maybe your favorite appliance (coffee pot, filters and beans, perhaps?). That way, you’re not digging around the next morning for your favorite things and can start the work of settling in feeling fresh and ready to go.

5. Get Help

Some downsizing jobs aren’t too bad…and others can feel near impossible. Don’t be afraid to ask for–or even hire–support. Downsizing can be an extremely stressful and emotional process, and it can be both comforting and helpful to have a neutral party work with you to sort, throw away and pack.

No matter how big downsizing your home job is, remember that nothing can truly replace the memories built in a home over the years. So even if you lose some items you once held dear, the people and places you love will be in your heart forever.

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