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STAR CLIPPER – Amended Review

Good afternoon Blog followers.

My apologies but earlier in the week I hit the publish button in error when I had not in fact completed the Star Clipper review.

I’m aware you all receive the notification in an eMail form so a lot of what you received was my part completed blog along with an lot of my pre-cruise notes and research material and of course it was devoid of the itinerary and summary.

I do apologise, its the first time it has happened. I’ll put it down to a mix of excitement and old age.

Anyway, I’m pleased to say that the full review has now been fully completed and I’m happy to send you this link which will take you all directly to it. Here is the link….


May I take this opportunity to thank you all for supporting the blog. I hope you all will continue to enjoy it and that in most cases it proves useful.

Kind Regards to all.


Click Here For Original Source Of The Article

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