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Can Inflammation Predict Heart Disease and Stroke?

Can Inflammation Predict Heart Disease and Stroke? Groundbreaking research may be able to help predict how likely it is that a person will have heart disease or a stroke in the future. Studies have linked inflammation to the risk of cardiovascular disease because of the association between the release of C-Reactive Protein (CRP) and heart [...]

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What is an Ombudsman?

An ombudsman serves the public by reviewing and investigating complaints about a certain type of institution. One kind of ombudsman watches over long-term care facilities for the elderly, such as assisted living and nursing homes. In addition to handling specific complaints from the public, ombudsmen advocate on behalf of long-term care residents in general. More [...]

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Children Raised by Grandparents

Grand Families: Children Raised by Grandparents As more grandparents take on the task of raising their grandchildren, the changes in communities brought about by the influence of this unique family structure become more powerful in shaping local and state policies. Many grandmothers and grandfathers don’t think twice about assuming the custody of grandchildren when the [...]

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Are Granny Cams Ethical?

Video surveillance systems are quickly becoming an affordable and efficient way to ensure vulnerable seniors stay safe when in the care of others, whether it is an in-home caretaker, nursing home, hospital or other type of managed care facility. A granny cam can also provide a clear picture of how an elderly person is getting [...]

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Cholesterol: Knowing the Facts

Health organizations, doctors and other medical professionals advise millions of patients every year regarding cholesterol. News reports and nutrition experts offer a wealth of recommendations for managing cholesterol through diet and exercise. Good cholesterol, bad cholesterol, LDL, HDL, triglycerides, trans fat, saturated fats; these are the buzzwords most often heard, but not always understood. Cholesterol [...]

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Monitoring Technologies Means More Seniors Can Remain at Home

Getting older can often mean giving up one’s independence, but new options for senior care are changing that reality. Monitoring systems can now allow senior citizens to remain independent and socially connected to family and friends without the usual concerns about health and safety that often arise from living alone. The expense and trauma of [...]

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Top Six Reasons Every Senior Should Own a Pet

Pets are not just cute and cuddly creatures. They are sometimes known to be quite the little miracle workers, too. While there are many known health benefits to spending time with dogs and cats, the impact of pet ownership for seniors goes even further. Pets offer the prospect of a relationship with individuals who are [...]

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Laughter Is Still the Best Medicine

Getting older comes with its ups and downs. For some people, life after 65 represents the golden years, but for many, those years are filled with aches and pains, unexplained symptoms, and a plethora of doctor visits that can make life itself a real drag. While there are many options for senior care, one of [...]

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