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The Boarding Blues

Jet bridges are so monstrously over-engineered, yet it still takes 45 minutes to get seventy people onto a damn regional jet. Why? Plus: HSBC, the Jetway Giant.

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One Way to do Bordeaux

Welcome to Bordeaux , hub of the famed wine-growing region of the same name and  port city sitting on the Garonne River in south western France.   It’s known for […]

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5 Ways Seniors Can Get “Back to School” this Fall

Kids shouldn’t have all the fun of capturing that familiar “back to school” feeling. Research proves it’s great for people to keep learning at any age. Here’s five ways seniors can keep their minds sharp this fall. 1. Play Games Yes! Using play to stimulate the brain is totally ok. Games like Sudoku, solitaire orRead More >>

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One way to do Santorini

Santorini is probably the most archetypal of Greek islands on the Mediterranean cruise ship circuit,  and on most days of the season can accommodate upwards of six ships. It is […]

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